Dear Classmates, welcome to our newly updated website! Our new Music Library is monthly presenting Yale music recordings collected from our Campus years. See who is attending our monthly Zoom sessions. Read our collections of Class Notes from the most recent to previous years. We hope this improved website will continue to keep us connected.Tim

Here is the 3rd installment of a NEW Monthly Website Feature

When everything OLD is NEW again!
Listen to these ORIGINAL RECORDINGS of
Class of ’58 Musical Memories
A College Weekend Romance A Cappella
You will hear: Whiffenpoofs of ‘58 – My Cutie’s Due
Bachelors of ‘50s – Long Ago and Far Away
Duke’s Men of ’56 – Tea for Two
Alley Cats of ‘50s – Dreams
Orpheus and Bacchus of ‘50s – Passing By
Spizzwinks (?) of ‘57 – I Don’t Know Why / I May Be Wrong
Augmented Seven of ‘50s – That’s All
Spizzwinks (?) of ‘57 – Polka Dots and Moonbeams
Baker’s Dozen of ‘50s – Mean to Me
Whiffenpoofs of ‘58 – We’re Saving Ourselves for Yale

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More good old music to come next month, and then every month thereafter!

Our latest Zoom: June 3, 2021

June 3 Zoom’58 Zoom, June 3, 2021. Top row L to R: Bill Becklean, Art Bober, Steve Feinstein, Steve Riker, Scott Sullivan, Irv Lerner. 2nd row: Mort Downey, Chris Armstrong, Basil Carmody, Tom Schoenemann, Jon Turner, Ken McAdams. 3rd row: Bibb Latané, Tom Swidler, Don Frank, Gordon Gerson, Tom Kwei, Neil Kaminsky, Ron Sohigian, George Roth. 4th row: Alan Davidson, Tim Hogen, Bob Morgan, Charles Constantin, Pudge Henkel, Jon Barnett, Dick Collins, Casey Bensinger. 5th row: Dave Ehrlich, Harvey Sloane, Cal Heminway, Mike Schoettle, Woody Bracey, David Burke, John Fiske.

Class Notes

May/June 2021 Class Notes, by Scott Sullivan. Our class’s celebrated mass murderer is back in the news. Brad Bishop was an unremarkable member of 1958, a Deke with ambitions to become a doctor. In fact, he joined the CIA, where he was an apparently successful agent; he married his childhood sweetheart, fathered three sons, and lived with them, as well as his mother, in an attractive home in Bethesda, Maryland. A large, prosperous, and happy family, the American dream. Then, on March 1, 1976, he murdered his mother, wife… (continues in Class News & Notes) READ THE FULL COLUMN HERE