Dear Members of Yale ’58, The Travers family will be hosting “A Party With Music – For Linus” on Saturday, September 18, 3 pm EDT in honor and celebration of Linus Travers ’58. If you would like to attend in person or via livestream, please reach out to Linus’s daughter, Julia Rickert, at

Tim Hogen
Class Secretary ’58

Class of ’58 Musical Memories

Linus TraversThis month’s Music Medley #5 is a Tribute to our much beloved and extra special ’58 Classmate Linus Travers, who passed away last November. Here are recordings of songs that were among his special favorites as he sang with The Duke’s Men, The Whiffenpoofs and The Yale Glee Club throughout our Yale years. Thanks to his singing partners from those golden days, Fritz Kinzel, Ben Eppes, and Jeff Freeman, for suggesting these 10 song titles to salute him. Linus was known for his good taste, rich bass voice and his poker-faced sense of humor (hence his nickname “Poke”), which always served him well, especially here on “Johnny One Note,” “Istanbul” and “Robinson Crusoe.”

Medley #5 Linus Travers… Singing At Yale

The Whiffenpoofs – Strike Up The BandJohnny One NoteEduard Mon Amour (Eddie My Love) • The Duke’s Men – Sunnyside Of The Street • The Yale Glee Club – BandolerosRide The Chariot • The Duke’s Men – Istanbul • The Whiffenpoofs – Miss Otis Regrets • The Duke’s Men – Robinson Crusoe • The Whiffenpoofs – The Whiffenpoof Song

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More good old music to come next month, and then every month thereafter!

Medleys from Previous Months

Hit Records of Fall 1954
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A College Weekend Romance, A Cappella – June Medley

Class of ’58 Musical Memories – May Medley

Class of ’58 Musical Memories – April Medley

Our latest Zoom: August 5, 2021

Our Zoom of August 5, 2021’58 Zoom, August 5, 2021. Top row L to R: Pudge Henkel, Bill Becklean, Bob Morgan, Bibb Latané, Tom Swidler, Alan Davidson. 2nd row: John Jones, Tim Hogen, Peter Pool, Cal Heminway, David Ehrlich, Art Bober. 3rd row: Ron Sohigian, Victor Kovner, Sherm Bull, George Roth, Basil Carmody, Pete Spelman, Dave Waterbury. 4th row: Steve Feinstein, Neil Kaminsky, Scott Sullivan, Don Frank, Mike Schoettle, Steve Riker. 5th row: John Fiske, Tom Schoenemann, Jon Turner, Mort Downey, Harvey Sloane, Gil Shelton.

Class Notes

Update Our 2022 mini-Reunion in Cleveland will NOT take place in May, but in September-October of 2022. The Yale Alumni Association (YAA) is unable to provide our necessary mini-Reunion support in May because of the very large number of regular Class Reunions being held at that time. We are promised full YAA mini-Reunion support for the early Fall of 2022. – Bob Morgan


July/August 2021 Class Notes, by Scott Sullivan. Great news for starters. Our class council has approved a sixth mini-reunion, to be held in Cleveland the third week of May 2022. You will already have received circulars to that effect. Please plan to come and reply early to the announcement. Pudge Henkel (quarterback, top Cleveland lawyer, and Gary Hart’s ill-starred campaign manager) will organize and host the event, ably assisted by Ben Eppes (distinguished dermatologist and Whiffenpoof). Cleveland—the city of my birth—abounds with touristic treasures, including… (continues in Class News & Notes) READ THE FULL COLUMN HERE