Classmate Photos

… and a video! This wonderful one from the ’90s, for your enjoyment here:

June, 2018 Photos from our fabulous 60th Reunion! Click the photo to view them.

Oct. 31, 2014 Photos from our 2014 New Orleans Mini-Reunion, courtesy of Alan Davidson and Gordon Gerson. Click the photo to view them.

Nov. 5, 2012 Candid Shots from the 2012 Princeton Game, courtesy of Alan Davidson. Click the photo to view them.

Nov. 5, 2012 Classmate Photos from the October 24th Luncheon. Click the photo to view them.

Oct. ’12 40th Reunion — More Classmate Photos — Click the photo to view them.

Sept. ’12 40th Reunion — Classmate Photos — How many of us can you recognize? Click the photo to view them.

April ’12 Yale ’58 lunch gathering in Los Angeles, April 2012, hosted by Bill Fitzgerald. Photos taken by Tom Sargent.

February ’12 Find!   Photos from Silliman, 1958.

Dave Burke writes, "We had a vast sprawling complex of rooms in Silliman College, the high-ceilinged Gothic-style 19th century part. There were thirteen interconnected rooms: three spacious living rooms with working fireplaces and ten bedrooms. We moved in there in September 1955, at the start of sophomore year, having hooked up as a group at the end of freshman year. On the Old Campus seven of us lived in Bingham (Buz, Cush, Linus, and Brandon on the second floor and Ellis, Fitzgerald, and Burke on the first). I don’t know how we seven connected with the other five. Must ask the lads about that. I’ll bet Bud is the link, probably with Cush (great athletes both). However it happened, we are forever grateful."

Sept. ’11 Here we have a selection of photos from our Chicago Mini-Reunion, which took place September 15-18, 2011, courtesy of Alan Davidson. Click here – or on the photo below – to view them.

Chicago Mini-Reunion, September 2011
Chicago Mini-Reunion, September 2011