YAM Notes: July/August 2022

By Tim Hogen

Our dedicated and accomplished corresponding secretary Scott Sullivan is taking a break on an extended visit to Europe. Hogen here is filling in during his absence.

Let’s begin with some good news. Bill Becklean reported that he recently married Joan Campbell after “living in sin” with her for 17 years. John Fiske officiated the affair after being granted a one-day permit from the governor of Massachusetts.

Bob Morgan has mastered the modern skill of how to conduct a ZOOM call. During our last one we had 28 mates on the line. We are now holding them on a monthly basis. Please let Bob know if you would like to join in.

Pudge Henkel is hard at work preparing for our next mini-reunion which he is hosting in Cleveland. The dates are September 29 to October 2. He has planned a wonderful schedule which will include visits to museums, a baseball game, and the symphony.

And now for the sad part of our class news: we have lost three more members during this reporting period.

Oakley Hewitt died last November after a long bout with Alzheimer’s disease. He served in the US Marine Corps, attended medical school at the University of Colorado, and practiced orthopedic surgery at the Palo Alto Medical Clinic for 37 years.

Jon Turner reported that his good friend Peter Turnquist passed away last December. Among his many accomplishments, Peter sailed his 36-foot sailboat down the East Coast, through the Canal, and up to California. He had a law degree from Santa Clara University. He later settled in northern California along the Russian River.

Robert Child III died recently in Connecticut. He had been a staff photographer for the Associated Press based in Hartford for almost 50 years.