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Annual Giving through the Yale Alumni Fund
Class Dues
Memorial Gifts

Annual Giving through the Yale Alumni Fund

Yale graduates contribute almost $25 million per year in annual gifts alone. The University would need an additional $500 million in unrestricted endowment funds to equal this essential support.

Annual giving to Yale through the Alumni Fund's annual appeal provides current and immediately expendable support for the University's basic needs, including:

The Tradition Lives On

The education of all Yale graduates (Yes, that includes you!) has been partially subsidized by the generosity of prior graduates. Today, this giving makes a tremendous impact in helping to defray the cost of a Yale education, which for each student is almost double the price of tuition. Giving to the Alumni Fund is our opportunity to continue this tradition.

Have we convinced you that your contribution is needed, and makes a difference?

We hope so. To make giving to Yale as convenient as possible, we are providing a direct link to Yale Development. Just click and you will find an easy to follow format for making your gift to Yale.

Thank You!


Class Dues

Have You Paid Your Class Dues?

Class dues support our Reunions and provide the necessary funds to continue any annual class projects we may undertake. They also bring you a subscription to the Yale Alumni Magazine with news of Yale and the Yale Community and 1958 Class Notes. You can pay your class dues online. Just click Yale 1958 Class Dues.


Memorial Gifts

Class Agent Chair Dave Waterbury reports, "The Class of 1958 Memorial Scholarship Fund was established as an endowed scholarship fund during our 45th reunion with initial gifts and pledges of $100,000. Since that time the principal has increased to $306,137. as the result of additional gifts to the fund, many of them coming during the 50th reunion year, as well as many, many gifts made in memory of specific classmates as they passed away. The class treasury also makes a contribution to the fund as the news of each classmate's death is recorded to be sure that no one is overlooked.

The fund was established to make sure that each member of the class was memorialized upon his death. There have also been several gifts to recognize special events or accomplishments of classmates (weddings, recognitions, grandchildren, etc). Scholarship applicants who are legacies of the class of 1958 are given preference when the scholarship funds are awarded. To date, there have been 128 classmates who have contributed to this fund. The value of the fund as of 6/30/2011 was $353,941."

Memorial Gifts may be made online at the ink we have included below. As the page you will go to is set up to accept many different gifts for many different groups, please review the following information before making your gift, to be certain it is credited properly to our Memorial Fund.

  1. Click through to the Yale Giving page here.
  2. Click "Make a Gift or Pledge Payment By Credit Card Now" (top choice in blue)
  3. Under "Gift type" choose "New Gift"
  4. Under "I would like to support" choose "Other" (you will need to scroll down the dropdown list to see this option at the bottom)
  5. Directly below this section, you will have a new box that states "Specify Other" and in the box provided, type in Class of 1958 Memorial Fund
  6. In the next section, choose the desired gift frequency and the amount.
  7. The remaining information requested on this page is optional; complete it as desired.
  8. Click "Next" at the bottom of the page, and you will arrive at a standard credit card page where you will be asked for your ame, billing address, etc., then directed to go forward for your credit card information to be provided.
  9. Please note that the Gifts pages are all protected by a secure server connection to Yale. Any information you provide is safe.