Class Zoom Sessions

Our August 8th ’58 Zoom

’58 Zoom, August 8, 2022. Top row L to R: Bibb Latané, Bob Morgan, Alan Davidson, Carl Lindskog, Peter Witt, George Roth. 2nd row: Jonathan Barnett, John Fiske, Jon Jaspan, David Ehrlich, Malcolm McDonald, Don Frank, Tom Schoenemann. 3rd row: Gil Shelton, Tom Swidler, Scott Sullivan, Ron Levin, Roland Paul, Bill Becklean. 4th row: Gordon Gerson, Steve Feinstein, Casey Bensinger, David Schiff, Peter Pool, Larry Bensky. 5th row: Steve Riker, Ron Sohigian, Jon Turner, Basil Carmody.

Our July 7th ’58 Zoom

’58 Zoom, July 7, 2022. Top row L to R: Bill Becklean, Bob Morgan, Ron Levin, Neil Kaminsky, Larry Bensky. 2nd row: Basil Carmody, Alan Davidson, John Fiske, Tim Hogen, Tom Swidler, Gil Shelton, Bibb Latané. 3rd row: Pete Spelman, David Ehrlich, Steve Riker, Scott Sullivan, Irving Lerner. 4th row: Jon Turner, Colin Radford, Tom Schoenemann, Ron Sohigian, Jon Jaspan. 5th row: Cal Heminway, Malcolm McDonald, Bart Miller, Dave Waterbury.

Our June 2nd ’58 Zoom

’58 Zoom, June 2, 2022. Top row L to R: Pudge Henkel, Jonathan Barnett, Tom Schoenemann, Tom Kwei, David Ehrlich, Ken McAdams. 2nd row: Ron Levin, Peter Pool, Casey Bensinger, Art Bober, Malcolm McDonald, Al Ferguson, Bibb Latané, Tim Hogen. 3rd row: George Roth, Ron Sohigian, Neil Kaminsky, Bob Morgan, Don Frank, Steve Feinstein, Pete Spelman. 4th row: Gil Shelton, Larry Bensky, Jon Turner, Gordon Gerson, Steve Riker, Alan Davidson, 5th row: Richard Collins, Jon Jaspan, Bill Becklean, Mike Schoettle, Tom Swidler, John Fiske. 5th row: Bart Miller.

Our May 5th ’58 Zoom

’58 Zoom, May 5, 2022. Top row L to R: Victor Kovner, George Roth, Basil Carmody, Carl Lindskog, Mort Downey, Neil Kaminsky. 2nd row: Tom Kwei, Larry Bensky, Art Bober, Malcolm McDonald, Tim Hogen, Mike Schoettle, Bob Morgan. 3rd row: Colin Radford, David Ehrlich, Tom Schoenemann, Ron Sohigian, Bill Becklean, Richard Collins. 4th row: Ron Levin, Steve Riker, Cal Heminway, Harvey Sloane, Jonathan Barnett, Alan Davidson, David Waterbury. 5th row: Bibb Latané, John Fiske, Woody Bracey, Irving Lerner, Casey Bensinger.

Our April 7th ’58 Zoom

’58 Zoom, April 7, 2022. Top row L to R: Basil Carmody, Bibb Latané, Al Ferguson, Lee Ault, John Fiske, Ron Sohigian. 2nd row: Jon Jaspan, Tim Hogen, Larry Bensky, Colin Radford, Jonathan Barnett, David Ehrlich. 3rd row: Neil Kaminsky, Alan Davidson, Don Frank, Tom Swidler, Woody Bracey, Bill Becklean, Bob Morgan. 4th row: Art & Nancy Bober, George Roth, Jon Turner, Andy Barnes ’66, Casey Bensinger, Steve Feinstein, Malcolm McDonald, Mort Downey. 5th row: Peter Pool, Tom Schoenemann, Scott Sullivan, Mike Schoettle, Cal Heminway.

Our March 3rd ’58 Zoom

’58 Zoom, March 3, 2022. Top row L to R: Jonathan Barnett, Dave Waterbury, Ron Sohigian, Sherm Bull, Bill Seeley, Woody Bracey. 2nd row: Alan Davidson, George Roth, Don Frank, Tom Swidler, Jon Turner, Carl Lindskog, Malcolm McDonald, Ron Levin. 3rd row: Bill Becklean, Tom Schoenemann, Basil Carmody, Casey Bensinger, Colin Radford, Tom Kwei, John Fiske. 4th row: Mort Downey, David Ehrlich, Al Ferguson, Peter Pool, Tim Hogen, Gordon Gerson, John German. 5th row: Mike Schoettle, Jon Jaspan, Neil Kaminsky, Bibb Latané, Bob Morgan.

February ’58 Zooming after Ground Hog Day

’58 Zoom, Feb. 3, 2022. Top row L to R: Tim Hogen, Al Ferguson, Alan Davidson, Mike Schoettle, Tom Schoenemann, Tom Kwei. 2nd row: Victor Kovner, Bill Becklean, Art Bober, Woody Bracey, Basil Carmody, Neil Kaminsky. 3rd row: Carl Lindskog, Jon Jaspan, David Ehrlich, Casey Bensinger, Harvey Sloane, Bibb Latané, Ron Levin. 4th row: Peter Pool, Tom Swidler, Steve Feinstein, Don Frank, Jon Turner, Colin Radford, Bob Morgan, Steve Riker. 5th row: Ron Sohigian, Irving Lerner, George Roth, John Fiske.

Here’s Who Came to Our First ’58 Zoom of 2022!
’58 Zoom, Jan. 6, 2022. Top row L to R: Bob Morgan, Gordon Gerson, Jon Turner, Bob Cushman, Carl Lindskog, Peter Pool. 2nd row: Art Bober, Jonathan Barnett, David Ehrlich, Tom Swidler, Bart Miller, Malcolm McDonald, Victor Kovner, Neil Kaminsky. 3rd row: Ron Levin, Alan Davidson, Ben Eppes, Ron Sohigian, George Roth, John Fiske. 4th row: Tom Kwei, Richard Collins, Don Frank, Casey Bensinger, Basil Carmody, Dave Waterbury, Pete & Margot Spelman. 5th row: Tom Schoenemann, Scott Sullivan, Mort Downey, Mike Schoettle, Cal Heminway, Steve Feinstein.

Here’s Our December 2, 2021 Zoom ’58 Class Portrait! What a Fine Bunch of Lads!
’58 Zoom, Dec. 2, 2021. Top row L to R: John Jones, Bob Morgan, Irving Lerner, Colin Radford, Jon Turner. 2nd row: Mort Downey, Ron Levin, Ron Sohigian, George Roth, Alan Davidson. 3rd row: Carl Lindskog, Scott Sullivan, Bill Becklean, David Ehrlich, Tim Hogen. 4th row: Jon Barnett, Tom Schoenemann, Don Frank, Steve Feinstein, Basil Carmody, Victor Kovner. 5th row: Tom Kwei, Dave Waterbury, Mike Schoettle, Georges St. Laurent, Tom Swidler, Malcolm McDonald.

November 4, 2021
Top row L to R: Tim Hogen, Jon Barnett, Gil Shelton, Tom Kwei, Art Bober. 2nd row: Bibb Latané, Victor Kovner, Grant Hellar, Alan Davidson, Pete Spelman. 3rd row: Steve Riker, Ron Levin, David Ehrlich, Tom Schoenemann, Dave Waterbury. 4th row: Jon Turner, Mort Downey, Bill Becklean, Bob Morgan, Sherm Bull. 5th row: John Fiske, Don Frank, Steve Feinstein, Cal Heminway, Malcolm McDonald.

October 7, 2021
Top row L to R: Mike Schoettle, John Fiske, Pete Spelman, John Jones, Richard Collins, Bob Morgan. 2nd row: Tom Kwei, Alan Davidson, Colin Radford, Grant Hellar, Jon Turner, Tom Schoenemann. 3rd row: Woody Bracey, Bibb Latané, Harvey Sloane, Larry Bensky, Neil Kaminsky, Steve Riker, Jon Jaspan. 4th row: Peter Pool, Bill Becklean, David Ehrlich, Steve Feinstein, Tom Swidler, Scott Sullivan, Al Ferguson. 5th row: Ron Sohigian, Dave Waterbury, Art Bober, George Roth, Cal Heminway, Basil Carmody.

Special Event

East Coast & West Coast ’58 Classmates Joint Zoom of September 15, 2021:
See & Hear our ’58 Classmate
BILL BECKLEAN speaking on “My Life With Rickover” with tales of 8 years working for Admiral Hyman Rickover on the development of the atomic submarine and nuclear power.


Combined East Coast & West Coast Zoom Meeting to hear
Bill Becklean: September 15, 2021

’58 Zoom, Sept. 15, 2021. Top row L to R: David Ehrlich, Anson Beard, Bill Fitgerald, Jon Jaspan, Bob Morgan, Gil Shelton. 2nd row: Lee Ault, Richard Collins, Gordon Gerson, Dave Waterbury, Steve Riker, Bibb Latané. 3rd row: Tom Schoenemann, Alan Davidson, Tom Kwei, Tim Hogen, Linden Blue, Art Bober. 4th row: Ron Sohigian, Ken McAdams, Don Frank, Steve Feinstein, Basil Carmody, Pete Spelman, Georg Roth. 5th row: Jon Turner, Mike Schoettle, Joe Gastwirth, Bill Becklean, Casey Bensinger, Jean McKillop, John Jones. 6th row: Jonathan Barnett, John Fiske, Al Ferguson, Bob Ellis, Woody Bracey, Malcolm McDonald, Ed Silberstein.

August 5, 2021

Our Zoom of August 5, 2021’58 Zoom, August 5, 2021. Top row L to R: Pudge Henkel, Bill Becklean, Bob Morgan, Bibb Latané, Tom Swidler, Alan Davidson. 2nd row: John Jones, Tim Hogen, Peter Pool, Cal Heminway, David Ehrlich, Art Bober. 3rd row: Ron Sohigian, Victor Kovner, Sherm Bull, George Roth, Basil Carmody, Pete Spelman, Dave Waterbury. 4th row: Steve Feinstein, Neil Kaminsky, Scott Sullivan, Don Frank, Mike Schoettle, Steve Riker. 5th row: John Fiske, Tom Schoenemann, Jon Turner, Mort Downey, Harvey Sloane, Gil Shelton.

July 8, 2021

’58 Zoom, July 8, 2021. Top row L to R: Basil Carmody, Pudge Henkel, Don Frank, Bibb Latené, Ron Sohigian, Gordon Gerson. 2nd row: David Ehrlich, Art Bober, Neil Kaminsky, Tom Swidler, Mike Schoettle, John Curtis (no pix), Tom Schoenemann. 3rd row: Alan Davidson, Bill Becklean, Peter Pool, Bob Morgan, John Fiske. 4th row Tim Hogen, Carl Lindskog, Steve Feinstein, Myles Alderman, Casey Bensinger, Ron Levin. 5th row: Larry Bensky, Victor Kovner, Scott Sullivan, Colin Radford, Mort Downey.

June 3, 2021

June 3 Zoom’58 Zoom, June 3, 2021. Top row L to R: Bill Becklean, Art Bober, Steve Feinstein, Steve Riker, Scott Sullivan, Irv Lerner. 2nd row: Mort Downey, Chris Armstrong, Basil Carmody, Tom Schoenemann, Jon Turner, Ken McAdams. 3rd row: Bibb Latané, Tom Swidler, Don Frank, Gordon Gerson, Tom Kwei, Neil Kaminsky, Ron Sohigian, George Roth. 4th row: Alan Davidson, Tim Hogen, Bob Morgan, Charles Constantin, Pudge Henkel, Jon Barnett, Dick Collins, Casey Bensinger. 5th row: Dave Ehrlich, Harvey Sloane, Cal Heminway, Mike Schoettle, Woody Bracey, David Burke, John Fiske.

May 6, 2021

’58 Zoom, May 6, 2021. Top row L to R: John Fiske, Basil Carmody, Larry Bensky, Myles Alderman, Cal Heminway, Carl Lindskog. 2nd row: Jon Jaspan, Steve Feinstein, Woody Bracey, Bob Morgan, Casey Bensinger, Colin Radford. 3rd row: Gil Shelton, Bibb Latané, Tom Kwei, Harvey Sloane, Ron Sohigian, Dave Waterbury. 4th row: Tom Schoenemann, Dick Collins, Charles Constantin, Tim Hogen, Bill Becklean, Gordon Gerson. 5th row: Ben Eppes, Victor Kovner, Pudge Henkel, Tom Swidler, Don Frank, Alan Davidson, Steve Riker.

April ’21 Zoom

’58 Zoom, April 1, 2021. Top row L to R: David Ehrlich, Myles Alderman, Basil Carmody, Gordon Gerson, Neil Kaminsky, Bibb Latané. 2nd row: Bob Morgan, Tom Kwei, Colin Radford, Scott Sullivan, Steve Riker, Mike Schoettle. 3rd row: Bill Becklean, Tom Schoenemann, John Fiske, Alan Davidson, Bob Cushman, Ken McAdams. 4th row: Jon Turner, Harvey Sloane, George Roth, Victor Kovner, Carl Lindskog, Sherman Bull, Pete Spelman. 5th row: Al Ferguson, Tim Hogen, David Waterbury, Art Bober, Steve Feinstein, Don Frank, Ron Sohigian.

March ’21 Zoom

’58 Zoom, March 4, 2021. Top row L to R: Pudge Henkel, Basil Carmody, Bill Becklean, Gordon Gerson, Alan Davidson, Tom Kwei. 2nd row: Art Bober, Al Ferguson, Cal Heminway, Woody Bracey, Bill Williams, Neil Kaminsky. 3rd row: Tom Schoenemann, Tim Hogen, Ken McAdams, Pete Spelman, Victor Kovner, Gil Shelton. 4th row: Bibb Latane, Carl Lindskog, George Roth, Ron Sohigian, Dave Waterbury, Ben Eppes. 5th row: Steve Wilson, Don Frank, Jon Turner, Mike Schoettle, Steve Feinstein, John Fiske. 6th row Bob Morgan, Sherm Bull, Bart Miller, Jon Jaspan, Wally Inglis, Harvey Sloane.

February ’21 Zoom

’58 Zoom, February 4, 2021. Top row L to R: Don Frank, Ben Eppes, Dave Waterbury, Alan Davidson, Jon Turner, Steve Riker. 2nd row: Harvey Sloane, Nancy & Art Bober, Tom Kwei, Robert Rifkind, Bibb Latane, Cal Heminway. 3rd row: Kathy Sloane, Carl Lindskog, George Roth, Gil Shelton, Gordon Gerson. 4th row: Steve Feinstein, Irv Lerner, John Fiske, Bill Becklean, Ron Sohigian, Al Ferguson. 5th row: Basil Carmody, Jon Jaspan, Bob Morgan, Tom Schoenemann, Neil Kaminsky, Ken McAdams.

January ’21 Zoom

Jan '21 Zoom’58 Zoom, January 7, 2021. Top row L to R: Al Ferguson, Art Bober, Bibb Latane, Carl Lindskog, Dave Waterbury. 2nd row: Alan Davidson, Jon Jaspan, Woody Bracey, George Roth, Gordon Gerson 3rd row: Basil Carmody, Jon Turner, Victor Kovner, Pete & Margot Spelman, Bob Morgan. 4th row: Bill Williams, Ron Sohigian, Bill Becklean, Steve Riker, Tom Kwei 5th row: Cal Heminway, Harvey Sloane, John Fiske, Don Frank, Steve Feinstein, Tom Schoenemann, Sherm Bull.

November ’20 Zoom

Nov 20 ZoomTop row L to R: Bob Morgan, Alan Davidson, Gene Coker, Al Ferguson, Carl Lindskog. 2nd row: Ron Sohigian, Harvey Sloane, Jon Jaspan, Steve Riker, Dave Waterbury. 3rd row: Steve Feinstein Tom Schoenemann, Pudge Henkel, George Roth, Bibb Latané. 4th row: Casey Benzinger, Jon Turner, Don Frank, Bill Becklean, Victor Kovner. 5th row: Tim Hogen, Bob Cushman, John German, Pete Spelman.