Association of Yale Alumni
2018 Assembly LXXVIII
November 8-9, 2018
New Haven, CT

My wife and I have just returned from the annual meeting of the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA). Participants in the convocation also include representatives of the Alumni Fund. I will attempt a brief summary:

The title of this Assembly and Convocation was Science at Yale: Shaping the Future. Thursday, Nov. 8th opened with meetings consisting of two panels, the first Yale’s Scientific Priorities in the Coming Decade and the second, Innovation, Collaboration and Collision: Dean’s Panel. Panel One covered a discussion of Yale’s work in the field of Applied Physics, Immunobiology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, including the activities going on at the West Campus. The second panel involved Dean’s representing Arts and Sciences, Yale School of Medicine, and School of Public Health.

One came away quite overwhelmed by the emphasis given and scientific advances Yale is making in the fields. Given the necessary financial support Yale is clearly positioning itself to be a leader in the sciences across the board. Yale now has the Center for Innovative Thinking.

As indicated in the title of the second panel, Yale is making a huge effort to bring together within the University knowledge of and information on the many disciplines mentioned above which so often are interrelated. At the same time, Yale is keenly aware of the practical, real world applications beyond the campus.

Following the two panel discussions, there were many excellent individual presentations on science at Yale and almost another day devoted largely to fund raising matters and the giving of rewards for exceptional alumni performance.

This is already too long but I need to mention the very upbeat talk by President Salovey on campus highlights and more particularly on his enthusiasm for the work Yale is doing in science and engineering – his current top priorities.

President Salovey’s talk was followed by the somewhat surprising (to me, at least) announcement that the brand AYA will henceforth become YAA – Yale Alumni Association. Branding changes will also follow.

The Convocation, of course, concluded with the Yale Medal Awards which included three women ad two men, but no one this year in our class!

Respectfully submitted,
Tim Brown