Bob Morgan

Chris Porterfield

I had been hoping to add ’58 Classmate Chris Porterfield’s modern jazz music to our website. He phoned me last summer to tell me that some tapes from our college days had been found in the back of a closet, that his son Kevin was digitizing them, and that he would send me a copy. Sadly, Chris died on October 22, 2021. I reached out to Kevin who sent me several recordings. Here is a very special one. – Bob M

Return with us now to November 30, 1957!
It’s Thanksgiving Weekend
It’s Midnight at CARNEGIE HALL

And we’re about to hear
A Thanksgiving College Jazz Concert Starring
James Christopher Porterfield
Medley #6 The Chris Porterfield Big Band
Our ’58 Classmate Chris Porterfield is leading
a 13 Man Band playing modern Jazz from those years

1. Loose Walk (Sonny Stitt)
Roz Rudd ’58 & Hank Bredenberg trombone soloists
2. Walkin’ Shoes (Gerry Mulligan)
3. What’s New (Bob Haggart)
Bob Morgan ‘58 on vibes
4. A Happy One (Chris Porterfield)

Arrangements and sax solos by Chris Porterfield
MC: Eddie Condon

Prelude Sampler: Whet your ears to this neat little Medley of The Whiffenpoofs, The Yale Banjo Band, & EIi’s Chosen Six Dixieland.

Tip: Click on the orange and white arrows below to play the music files.

June, 2021

Whiffenpoofs of ‘58 – Cutie’s Due

Bachelors of ‘50s – Long Ago and Far Away

Duke’s Men of ’56 – Tea for Two

Alley Cats of ‘50s – Dreams

Orpheus and Bacchus of ‘50s – Passing By

Spizzwinks (?) of ‘57- I Don’t Know Why / I May Be Wrong

Augmented Seven of ‘50s- That’s All

Spizzwinks (?) of ‘57 – Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Baker’s Dozen of ‘50s – Mean to Me

Whiffenpoofs of ‘58 – We’re Saving Ourselves for Yale

May, 2021

Harkness Tower Chimes of ’50s – Bright College Years

Bachelors of ’50s – Halls Of Ivy

Yale Glee Club of ’50s – A Song For Old Yale

Whiffenpoofs of ’58 entrance song – Aj Lucka Lucka

Augmented Seven of ’50s – Man, Man

Yale Banjo Band of ’56 – Down The Field

Alley Cats of ‘50s – Evaline

Eli’s Chosen Six of ’55 – Basin Street Blues

Whiffenpoofs of ‘58 – Scarlet Ribbons

Yale Glee Club with Woolsey Hall pipe organ – Bright College Years

April, 2021

Blue Skies/Imagination – The Spizzwinks(?) – 1957

Dixieland Bulldog Medley – Eli’s Chosen Six – 1955

Eduard “Mon Amour” (Eddie My Love) – The Whiffenpoofs – 1958

Istanbul – The Duke’s Men of Yale – 1956

Jeepers Creepers – The Duke’s Men of Yale – 1956

Whiffenpoof Song – The Whiffenpoofs – 1958

Yale Songs Medley – The Yale Banjo Band – 1956 in Woolsey Hall